Well, howdy.

Discovery, mourning, supplication…and overly dramatic gestures.

Welcome to my life – now in convenient blog form.

For the most part, my writing life consists of plays and screenplays.  I teach workshops, have a regular day job, I’m involved in the local arts scene, I have two kids, a husband, a house, and a dog.

Through the years, angels and friends have asked me why I don’t write a blog, and I’ve always said that I’m too busy.  Plus, to be truthful, I’ve been wary of being just another drop in the huge blog ocean. (What if we threw a blog, and nobody came?)

Then last year, my husband was diagnosed with throat cancer, and keeping an online journal at CaringBridge (http://www.caringbridge.org/) throughout his ordeal, the writing about it, getting it all down for friends and family, getting it out of me – it helped save my sanity.

I discovered that I need a space that’s mine-all-mine. I need, as Virginia Woolf says, a room of my own. Facebook is fun, and I’ve made some use of the “notes” blog there. But journaling on Facebook is like plopping down in the middle of a carnival to write. There’s so many distractions, so much to see, so many people to watch.

So, here we are. Here. Just us. This is my room.



About Vicki Caroline Cheatwood

Writerly. Rebooting. Evolving. Searching for great chicken salad.
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