Pimp My Lent/Day 9


The Prompt:

From singer-songwriter Donna Sherritt Farrell


The Product:

Two Poems About Bluebirds

If you were a bluebird

You might be at someone’s front door

Waiting to say

Would you like to buy a box Campfire Girl candy?

Hoping they don’t mind that it’s gone up to $1.75 a box

‘Cause you really need the money for camp

Because you went last year and


And you are not afraid now

Because while sleeping away from home from Mom




Talking to strangers is not

In your navy mini-skirt – not too mini – and white shirt

Red vest your mother made from the official pattern

Turning your nose up at them

the Girl Scouts

In their ugly brown dresses and their stupid beanies

But then again they have those sashes the cool badges

You can’t wait until you’re a real



[Bluebird 1]

If you were a bluebird

You might be the flash of brilliance

That caught my eye as I walked through fields


Just barely anymore

Country from city

You might be from the family Turdidae

And if you are aware of this

You might be grateful that people call you bluebird instead

You might be singing wowing the populace

Those who have no idea what bird is that anyway

And those who do know and worry that you are in decline

You might be hanging out with other declining bluebirds

Glaring over at them

The aliens

The non-natives

Those nest cavity stealing Eurotrash with their

Non-blue non-brilliance


Clacking and shrieking

Breeding like weeds

Pushing you further out

You might just be a birdy snob

If you were a bluebird

[Bluebird 2]


About Vicki Caroline Cheatwood

Writerly. Rebooting. Evolving. Searching for great chicken salad.
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3 Responses to Bluebird

  1. lisaleary says:

    I needed this … I needed to read this and hear this and be in this, right now.
    Thank you!

    • veeceecee says:

      Funny how we are so often on similar paths, Lisa. Maybe we had some previous life stuff to resolve, and now we’re working on it on this plane. We must have need to work together to resolve it, because SOMETHING keeps putting us in the same kettle and turning up that heat! 😉

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