Haunted House

Pimp My Lent/Day 38

The Prompt:

From cousin Leah Pybas Gorman, a shared love/longing for our grandparents Jesse and Iva Pybas, and the farm in Oklahoma where we – and many of our 24 other first cousins – spent so much  of our childhood….

“The things I miss the most:  long summer days of nothingness, laughing at everything, being outside all day-every day, her braiding my hair, seed spitting contests, box fans, homemade plum jelly, her house coats, her hands…so much, I miss.”

The Product:

It’s the house that haunts me most

some nights

some mornings

on the verge

the awareness of light dying

or breaking

that I can feel it most


moving me

pulling me through its empty rooms

I feel it this house

the keen chill

the dust the must the ages past

this house it haunts me

and I am there more than here

the sounds come

voices conversations light dark laughter

the cool gritty floor

the smell of cold ashes

curtains and bedspreads window shades

crumbling in my hands

and to the living room where he sits in the chair

faded love

laughing mocking the television and Gorgeous George

faded love

and then there she is on the sofa and we are holding hands

TV droning in the background

our legs covered

the fire’s hiss and pop

the snow outside ground covered

cedar trees dusted and a hundred cedar waxwings

and red cardinals

darting flickering feasting delighting

I feel her cool smooth fingers on mine

letting me know she still is

as close as the next cardinal bird

she stays close and I am grateful

But house is empty

being filled and then forgotten and filled and forgotten

put out to pasture

crazy like an old brood mare

wrecked at being empty

It haunts me


About Vicki Caroline Cheatwood

Writerly. Rebooting. Evolving. Searching for great chicken salad.
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