Day 7: Big Bad

PML 2012 Day 7



The Prompt:

A visual reminder of springtime in the Tornado Belt, provided by BFF-SSA (since second grade), Sheila Moe Anderson.



The Product:


When it comes

will it bring pea-size, marble-size, golf ball-size?

Or will we look out and see the lawn

littered, flattened, divoted

by bowling balls?


When it comes

will it howl and rip and roar,

bearing its teeth, slinging its foaming mouth?

Or will it just bark

and bark and bark and bark and bark?

Will the load-bearers shudder and crack?

Will the foundation lift and separate?

Will the boards move in a cyclone circle like some

Hippy Hippy Shake Hula-Hooper on speed?

Will it rip us up, pick us up

and move us six feet to the left unharmed?

Will it hurl toothpicks through telephone poles?

Will it inhale with a great shriek,

sucking chicken feathers and other bizarrities

through the seal of the refrigerator door?


And when it’s done. will we rise?

Will we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off

and la la la la la la?


Will we emerge

stepping out onto a crunchy carpet of locusts,

and find the sidewalks slick with flies,

feeling their buzzy last gasps, the tiny tickle of their wings?

Will we smell manure and look out

to see three out of Four Horseman?

Will we climb out from the fraidy-hole in dazed silence

and find it all gone, wiped off,

clean as a hound’s tooth

and warm the hearts of the viewing audience

with our grit our pluck our Okie fortitude –

or just inspire them to call and

order more insurance?


Or will we land hard

bone-shattered and scattered,

broken, bloodied, irreparably, wholly, wiped-out,

gone daddy gone?


Will there be morning

and birdsong and sweet exhalation,

or just distant traffic sounds and

flattened mooshy grass, and

just the vaguest footprint,

of where we used to stand?




About Vicki Caroline Cheatwood

Writerly. Rebooting. Evolving. Searching for great chicken salad.
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