Walking the bottomland

Sing me a melody
Sing me a blues
Walk through the bottomland without no shoes
The Brazos she’s running scared
She heard the news
Walk through the bottomland without no shoes

(Lyle Lovett/”Walk Through The Bottomland”)

The bottomland is fertile land. It’s where you plow, plant, and harvest. It’s where the river runs smooth. It’s also where it overflows. The bottomland is flat land, the acreage with the fewest trees and the best vista.

Walking barefoot. Direct contact. Being grounded. Being human, one among many.  Sooner or later, we’re all barefoot.

Writing the bottomland:

I’ve been writing since the days of Big Chief tablets and giant pencils.  My work has been seen in theaters throughout the U.S.,  on Off-Off-Broadway, and in England, Ireland and France. Two of my screenplays became award-winning short films. One was screened in Cannes.  Some of my fiction, nonfiction, and poetry have been published in books and journals. I have more unfinished projects than dandelions have fuzz.

If you want to read scripts or synopses,  if you have questions about rights or royalties, please email me.

Meanwhile, let’s just walk.


5 Responses to Walking the bottomland

  1. lisaleary says:

    Thank you for inviting on the walk!

  2. dolocita says:

    Thank you for including me in your verbal adventure! I will have to give you some word prompts for now: loneliness, falling in love without meaning to, horses

  3. jodivajodiva says:

    Vicki Cheatwood. I think I love you. No wait. I know I love you. And I love wandering around aimlessly in your brilliantly coded mind! It’s like going to a carnival for a thousand Gullivers and I’m a lone Lilliputian. My head’s spinning in a big wonderland!

  4. laycegardner says:

    Well, I love you, too. But you already know that.

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