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Fickle Useful Nutjob

Today, I performed an amazing feat. Today, I felt almost all of my feelings. I was present; I hung around for myself. Whenever I drifted over into F.E.A.R.*, I wiggled my toes, and asked myself “Am I in the same … Continue reading

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Hoe, hoe, hoe

Once upon a time, there was a weird sound out on the back porch: THUMP scrape     THUMP scraaape… It was daytime, but the porch windows were covered with dense screens and muslin curtains, and the cement floor was … Continue reading

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Between the lines

My face. I do not look my age. I look my mileage. This is my face. My map. . . Image: “At Rest In The Gloaming” by Steve Kalstrup

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This is Christmas

  This is Christmas, and it was spectacular. Open arms and exclamations. “Well, lookie who’s here!” Old people, tribes of cousins, the how-are-we-related-again relatives, and the prerequisite handyman who “God bless his heart, he’s just not right in the head.” … Continue reading

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Sarge speaks

The Earth is Bare by Ralph Cheatwood The people are amazed The bomb bursts The earth is bare The people are gone The chiefs are alone The earth is bare The lone oak The light flashes The earth is bare … Continue reading

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Twisted Scripture: Three Riffs on The Corinthians and the Lingering Effects of Bill McElvaney on The World

I. can you get the door please it’s love/for Jack & George please remove your hat Love has entered the room please remove your shoes peel away whatever layers lie between you and the earth wiggle your toes (you’re doing … Continue reading

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How Much Money Does a Novelist Make?

Originally posted on layce gardner:
By Layce Gardner & Saxon Bennett As Indie authors who have had three best-selling novels in the past twelve months AND who have also had eighteen novels published with a small lesbian publisher, we are…

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