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Fickle Useful Nutjob

Today, I performed an amazing feat. Today, I felt almost all of my feelings. I was present; I hung around for myself. Whenever I drifted over into F.E.A.R.*, I wiggled my toes, and asked myself “Am I in the same … Continue reading

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Operating instructions

The moment came in the dying, then in being seated with the dead. Before you ever found your footing, the quilt was laid across your shoulders. The heft of it kept you grounded, so much so that in the first … Continue reading

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Zero To Sixty/Thoughts

dear dragon summoner dear ripped up heart dear gone daddy gone dear self who knows better dear child dear child dear clueless but well-meaning dear dear dear ten-foot pole dear doctor dear sad-hand turn on the saddest road to sadtown … Continue reading

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You Must Move

  you must move inward to break out want to take off you better sit tight defying logic law gravity this motion this inaction works nothing at all all at once in staggering bursts you want to bust through you … Continue reading

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